Our natural environment is a precious thing. That’s why we’re doing what we can to protect it. We’re committed to sustainable business practices and we’re encouraging our clients to make sustainable printing choices too. It’s good for our business and yours too.

We use 100 percent vegetable based inks
At Milne we’ve replaced traditional oil based inks with mineral free vegetable inks made from renewable resources. They don’t contain hazardous substances that can cause air pollution and they break down faster, so they’re much kinder to the environment.

We recycle our waste paper and printing plates
We’re working hard to eliminate waste in our business. We recycle our waste paper and our aluminium printing plates. We use computer to plate technology and we’re one of only a few New Zealand printers to use ‘process less’ plate methods that eliminate the use of chemicals.

We encourage the use of sustainable papers
Where possible we recommend our clients choose to print on recycled or environmentally friendly paper, sourced from sustainable forests. But we understand that sometimes that’s not always possible. We’re happy to advise our clients on how they can make more sustainable printing choices or use sustainable papers in their business too.

Environmental Policy
Milne Print is a small family owned company which specialises in Offset & Digital Printing. We are committed to protecting New Zealand’s environment and strive to continually improve our environmental performance and prevent pollution. It is our policy to:

  • Ensure that the entire printing process (from design to delivery of the final product) complies with all legislative requirements that apply to our company.
  • We are committed to minimising consumption of resources by efficient use of paper and energy.
  • We will dispose of waste in a responsible way and minimise waste through re-use and recycling wherever possible.
  • We research all sources of raw materials available and materials which are less< damaging to our environment and more sustainable will be chosen wherever possible.
  • We will implement safe technologies and operating procedures to minimise environmental, health and safety risks to our employees and will train employees to perform their jobs in an nvironmentally responsible manner.
  • This policy is supported by management and communicated to all employees. We also expect a similar standard of environmental performance from all suppliers and contractors.
  • We will operate an Environmental Management System (EMS) and act to< continually improve our environmental performance by setting objectives and targets and will monitor our progress on a regular basis.